2008 Prognostications – Last week, we talked about HR events of 2007, posting several year-end reviews from around the Web and a few prognostications for 2009. This week, George Lenard of George’s Employment Blawg produces and interesting roundup of even more Workworld Forecasts and Big Picture Trends for the coming year.
Tuition reimbursementEvil HR Lady offers her thoughts on establishing tuition reimbursement programs. Among other things, she notes the importance of treating newly degreed or certified employees as external candidates when it comes to promotions. Some employers have ceilings on pay raises, which can sabotage retention since the newly person with enhanced credentials or new degrees will command a higher salary on the open market.
Minimum wage – The Department of Labor posts a helpful clickable map of minimum wage laws in the States – January 1, 2008. It’s color coded to show states that are higher, lower, or the same as federal rates, as well as states with no minimum wage laws.
Maternal profiling – Have you heard any buzz about Maternal profiling yet? If not, you will – Michael Fitzgibbon of Thoughts from a Management Lawyer brings us up to date on the topic.
Teen ethicsInside Human Resources has a depressing post telling us that 38% of teens recently surveyed believe that cheating is OK. In a recent Junior Achievement / Deloitte Teen Ethics Survey conducted among American teens ages 13-18, indicated that 38% of the respondents think it is sometimes necessary to cheat, plagiarize, lie or even behave violently in order to succeed.


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