Top Trends in Tech & HR Management
“SHRM subject matter experts (SMEs) have laid out the top tech trends they see as having the biggest impact on the workplace & HR profession.”
The “Dirty Dozen”: Top 12 employer harassment mistakes
Employment law attorney Robin Shea says, “In my continuing quest to make sure that none of our readers ever get sued — or, if that fails, never lose a lawsuit — here are my “Dirty Dozen” employer harassment mistakes. Are you guilty of any of these? If so, cease and desist!”
Upward Bullying
“We tend to perceive intimidating behaviors as moving only downward, where a person of authority victimizes a junior person. But clearly, managers can be targets of troubling behaviors in the workplace on the part of their own subordinates. Colloquially, this behavior has been known as “boss bashing;” experts now call it “upward bullying.”
American Horror Story: Violence in the Workplace
“The setting: Rikers Island correctional facility in New York City. The scene: A group of inmates gather around a cell where an employee has been locked in a cell, while other inmates pass around a ‘hit list’ of other employees they plan to target.”
Americans are taking fewer vacations than they used to
“The average American gets 14 days off from work, according to an annual survey by the travel company Expedia, but actually uses only 10 of those days each year. It’s an open question why Americans don’t use it all. They say their bosses are supportive and that scheduling got in the way. Others say they’re are just stockpiling it for some future trip —but wouldn’t someone, then, eventually take that trip?”
8 Tips for Avoiding Your Leadership Blindspots
“Savvy leaders understand that blindspots, while they vary in severity and are different for each individual, are not the exception — instead, they “come with the territory.” The question then becomes: How do I surface and address the blindspots that matter? One way is to ask the right questions in the right way. Here are some guidelines for identifying blindspots.”
Benefits Employees Wish Employers Would Offer
“Forget the foosball table in the break room and the gourmet snacks in the kitchen. The benefits employees really want from their employers are much more basic – and in many cases they center around being treated like trustworthy adults capable of getting work done without so much oversight. Here are eight of the benefits employees most want.”
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