What paid family leave looks like in the three states that offer it
“California, New Jersey and Rhode Island are the only states that offer paid family and medical leave to workers, a policy that is getting a high-profile boost this week from President Obama.” Washington Post
An Employee Dies, and the Company Collects the Insurance
“But critics say it is immoral for companies to profit from the death of employees, while employees themselves do not directly benefit. And despite a law enacted in 2006 that sought to curb the practice — companies now are restricted to insuring only the highest-paid 35 percent of employees, who must give their consent — it remains a growing, opaque and legal source of corporate profit.” New York Times
Bonuses Are Back
A new survey finds organizations’ use of bonuses to attract and retain talent is at an all-time high. But compensation experts caution that bonus programs need to be well-planned and fully transparent in order to be effective. Human Resource Executive
The Talent Shortage Continues (PDF)
Manpower Group’s Ninth Annual Talent Shortage Survey found 36% of emplyers globally report talent shortages in 2014, the highest percentage in seven years. Learn more about what the survey found.
‘Free Speech’ Can Be Costly in the Workplace
It’s a common misconception among employees that their First Amendment rights of free speech carry over to the private workplace. The expression of a political opinion can lead to the loss of a job. Workforce
4 elements of your social media policy that may be illegal
“A study from Proskauer, a business-focused law firm, revealed that companies routinely take action against employees for their behavior on social media platforms, even when it’s their own account used on their own devices on their own time.
Although the infractions that prompted the disciplinary action may have been consistent with the companies’ social media policies, the policies themselves could be illegal. It’s time for companies to revisit their social media policies.” ragan.com
Software That Sees Employees, Not Outsiders, As The Real Threat
“A growing number of companies are under pressure to protect sensitive data — and not just from hackers lurking outside the digital walls. They’re also looking to protect it from insiders — employees who may want to swipe information such as customer bank account numbers or electronic medical records.” NPR
The Walls Shouldn’t Have Ears: Ruling on Eavesdropping Puts Burden of Prevention on Employers
“Are your employees surreptitiously recording conversations? It’s a frightening thought. But based upon a new Illinois Supreme Court ruling, they are now free to do so. To discourage this behavior, Illinois employers should consider implementing a policy prohibiting such surreptitious recordings.” The National Law Review
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