A Simple Fix for Drunken Driving
Keith Humphreys of The Wall Street Journal reports on a unique approach to DUIs in South Dakota that is yielding surprising results – as well as lessons in motivation and changing behaviors: “Why do repeat offenders change their behavior in response to relatively modest incentives? Stephen Higgins of the University of Vermont addressed this question in his pioneering work on the treatment of drug addiction. In a widely cited 1991 paper in the American Journal of Psychiatry, he showed that, although his patients continued using cocaine in the face of great harm to their families, livelihoods and physical health, they could still be induced to refrain from it when promised a small reward, like $10 for a negative urine test. The reward was relatively trivial, but it was unlike other potential consequences because it was both certain and immediate.”

Are You a Bad Boss? 10 Signs That You Might Be
Dave McClure, CPA Practice Advisor: “Follow-up surveys, including the Gallup 2015 survey of workers in America, found that people don’t leave jobs – they leave their bosses. About half of the 7,200 adults surveyed said they have left a job in order “to get away from their manager.” Worse yet, it found that only about 30 percent are truly engaged in and committed to their jobs. These rest are ambivalent at best or disengaged at worst.”

Paid leave benefits are on the rise
Hadley Malcolm, USA TODAY: “Tech companies Microsoft and Netflix made headlines this week for significant improvements to paid parental leave policies. And the Navy also got on board with a more generous policy for new parents, announcing in July that it would triple paid maternity leave to a total of 18 weeks for those in the Navy and Marine Corps. The policy went into effect Wednesday.
Recent data shows that, in general, paid leave policies are on the rise. That includes paid sick, family and maternity leave, and time beyond the 12 weeks of unpaid leave required each year by the Family Medical Leave Act, according to a recent report from the Society of Human Resource Management. ”

College Athlete, Temp Worker Labor Board Cases Could Redefine Employee
Jim Snyder, Insurance Journal: “U.S. regulators are poised to decide two closely watched cases that have the potential to reshape labor laws by allowing college football players to unionize and forcing companies to take more responsibility for contractors.
The National Labor Relations Board may decide the cases as soon as this week, and the prospect of change is already rankling university presidents and business leaders. One case concerns contract workers at a recycling facility who are trying to draw the owner into labor negotiations. The other would answer a petition from football players at Northwestern University seeking scholarship and medical benefits.”

Effective Managers: Your Critical Link to Successful Strategy Execution
Towers Watson: “Effective managers, not just senior leaders, play a critical role in translating an organization’s strategic vision into winning actions and results. When the performance of neither leaders nor direct managers is seen as effective by employees, engagement levels drop by nine times. When employees perceive both top-level leaders and managers as performing well, both presenteeism and stress levels are lower.”

Every #HR Pro Should Own a Marketing Textbook
Sharon Lauby, HR Bartender: “There. I said it. The parallels between marketing and human resources are endless. As HR pros, we could really gain some creative inspiration from the principles of marketing … For instance, we can apply one of the most fundamental marketing models to our role in human resources. It’s called the 4P’s.
The 4P’s of marketing represent product, price, promotion, and place. They can also be used to describe the concepts as they relate to human resources. Here’s my take on how the 4P’s aligns with HR.”

Introverted and extroverted leaders: Bring on the battles
Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Smart Blog on Leadership: “My research on introvert-extrovert pairs in the workplace has shown that the relationships of high performing duos like Ricky and Liz don’t just happen. Even as leaders with experience under our belt, we can let those with different styles crawl under our skin. Introverts don’t talk fast enough. Extroverts won’t stop interrupting. And under stress, introverts tend to shut down and extroverts go into overdrive. That is when potentially productive conflicts become stalemates.”

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