Remove my stitches! And 14 other all-time crazy requests from the boss – Eric B. Meyers shares the results of a recent CareerBuilder survey at The Employer Handbook.
How To: Have a Performance Conversation With An Employee – Sharlyn Lauby of HR Bartender offers an excellent outline to help you plan a productive conversation with an underperforming employee.
How to Procrastinate at Work: A Complete (Research-Based!) Guide – At The Atlantic, Anna Codrea-Rado tallies up the pluses and minuses of procrastinating on the job.
5 Tips for Making Workplace Policy Changes Work – At, Catherine Dunn references the recent brouhahas, pushback, and public criticism that Yahoo and BestBuy were subjected to when changing work policies. She notes that changing policies can put employers at higher risk of disparate treatment, which can result in lawsuits. She offers a path that employers can take to ensure a better work policy transition.
7 Types of Negotiation And 1 Big Myth – Anna Mar of Simplicable says that negotiations should all be win-win, but that it is a myth that every negotiation has a potential win-win outcome. She says that is important to consider which type of negotiating you’re facing because each demands a different strategy, and outlines seven types of negotiations.
A Legendary CEO for the Rest of Us – Wally Bock offers a profile of Costco CEO James Sinegal and talks about why he’s a good model of leadership.
‘Please don’t be a Muslim’: Boston marathon blasts draw condemnation and dread in Muslim world – an article by Max Fisher in the Washington Post discusses the fear of discrimination, typecasting, and retaliation that many Muslims have when a violent event occurs.
Growing numbers of workers with disabilities bring challenges, opportunities – At HR Hero, Tammy Binford syas that, “It’s clear that employers need to be ready to not just accommodate workers with disabilities but also capitalize on the strengths those employees can bring to the workplace.” She links to a recent report from the Conference Board and includes some steps for employers wanting to attract and keep employees with disabilities. See also: “Disability” is increasing…why?
Is your job killing you? How Job Type Impacts Wellness And What You Can Do To Change It – According to the recently released Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index survey, physicians were found to have the highest well-being index score, followed by teachers, business owners, and other professionals. At the bottom of the index were transportation and manufacturing or production workers.
Roger Ebert did not lose his battle with cancer – Michael A. Wosnick makes the case for why we should think about the way we talk about a person’s death. “Cancer is not a game of winners and losers. If you live you win and if you die you lose? How inappropriate is that?” He says that while it’s not quite victim blaming, “it does have ring of placing the ultimate responsibility for having died in the hands of the deceased.”
The Manager Who Kept a Six-Year Diary of Her Mistakes – “For more than six years, Elaine Wherry, 35, the co-founder of chat site Meebo (acquired by Google last summer) carefully jotted down nearly every mistake she made as an employee and manager. Wherry described her experience as a chronicler of error during the SXSW Interactive conference earlier this month.”
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