Healthcare – violence prevention – From the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health comes a free on-line Violence Prevention Training for Nurses. NIOSH worked with nursing and labor organizations, academic groups, other government agencies, and Vida Health Communications to develop a new free on-line course aimed at training nurses to recognize and prevent workplace violence. The training incorporates text, videos depicting workplace violence incidents, testimonials from real nurses, and module quizzes. Nurses can also receive free continuing education credits for completing the online course. The course has 13 units that take approximately 15 minutes each to complete. It can be accessed here: Workplace Violence Prevention for Nurses

Cool ToolThe No Excuse List points you to the best places on the web to learn anything free. Resources range from academics and languages to do-it-yourelf and sources for free eBooks.

Affordable Care Act – A new report from the Kaiser Foundation looks at the issue of tax subsidies and their effect on overall insurance cost. The average subsidy will reduce premiums by $2,672, or about 32% of the total cost. Among the approximately half of current enrollees who will be eligible for tax credits, the average subsidy would be $5,548 per family, which would reduce their premium for the second-lowest-cost silver premium by an average of 66%.

ADA/ADAAAManaging disability accommodation processes under ADA/ADAAA: Building an employer framework – Denise Fleury of Sedgwick offers five steps that are critical for creating an organizational framework for ADA compliance. In part 2 of her series, she discusses identifying the right stakeholders in developing a program.

Vacation – In Risk Management magazine, Emily Holbrook writes about Working in a No-Vacation Nation: “According to a report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and 17 European countries mandate that employees receive between 10 and 30 vacation days per year. But in the United States, in the absence of any legal requirements, nearly one in four employees get no paid vacation and no paid holidays. As the report states, “the sum of the average paid vacation and paid holidays—16 in total—offered in the private sector in the United States would not even meet the minimum required by law in 19 other rich countries.”

Humor on the job – Sue Shellenbarger at the Wall Street Journal’s Work & Family blog looks at the Secrets of Effective Office Humor. She notes that, “A 2011 study at Pennsylvania State University found that a good laugh activates the same regions of the brain that light up over a fat bonus check … But making colleagues laugh takes timing, self-confidence—and the ability to rebound from a blooper.”

How to end up in the headlines when you fire somebody – People are fired from jobs every day so it takes a special technique to wind up in the headlines. Here are two types of terminations that made headlines recently: Termination by texting and firing somebody while on a conference call with hundreds of employees as AOL CEO Tim Armstrong recently did.

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