Language litigationLanguage lawsuit costs hospital nearly $1 million – an English-only policy put a California hospital on the wrong side of the EEOC to the tune of nearly one million dollars, one of the largest discrimination settlements that the EEOC has ever negotiated. “The case stems from allegations by 69 Filipino-American workers at the hospital that they, alone among employees who spoke other languages, were harassed and disciplined for speaking, even among themselves, in Tagalog, Llocano or other languages common in the Philippines.”
Hygiene discussionsThe Difficulties of Discussing Hygiene – at Human Resource Executive, Keisha-Ann Gray looks at the legal implications of addressing hygiene concerns with employees. For more on coping with this difficult issue and handling other tough conversations with workers, see our July post When your employees stink.
Survey Smarts – If you are planning any employee or customer surveys, who better to get advice from than Gallup? In Executives: You’re Leaving Money on the Table, authors David Helvadjian and Allan Watkinson talk about why emotional engagement is essential in any surveys, and how measuring, managing, and focusing on your customers’ and employees’ emotional engagement can significantly boost your company’s performance.
Death on the jobWorkplace fatalities declined in 2011, according to preliminary results from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2011, 4,609 workers died from on-the-job injuries, down from a final count of 4,690 in 2010. On average, 13 workers die at work every day.
Surviving the political season at work> – In a series of seasonally handy posts, HR Daily Advisor offers election season guidance for employers: What You Can and Can’t Do About Workplace Campaigning and Can You Ban Campaign Posters and Buttons?.
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