A little kindness goes a long way – At HBR Blog Network, Bill Taylor continues his exploration of the theme, “What is it about business that makes it so hard to be kind? And what kind of businesspeople have we become when small acts of kindness feel so rare?” in his post Catch People in the Act of Doing Things Right.
Reasonable Accommodation – Michael Haberman has a useful post on Telework as a Potential Reasonable Accommodation at the Omega HR Solutions blog. He includes links to guidance from the EEOC as well as links to his past posts and related posts by employment attorneys.
Violence prevention – Ross Arrowsmith says that workplace violence is often preceded by red flags. He cites Dr. Kristine Kienlen, a forensic psychologist, who says the tragedies typically have warning signs that need to be reported. “Kienlen says warning signs that follow include isolation, threats, bizarre behavior, talking about violence or suicide, assaults or property destruction. It can also include strange cyber activity, losing a temper, bringing weapons to work, or bullying. She tells employers to proactively develop a clear workplace violence prevention policy, where people feel comfortable reporting concerns to their boss or even police.”
Harnessing technology to reduce suicidesNational anti-suicide plan emphasizes mobile technology – a joint project between the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention and Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, has a goal of saving 20,000 lives over the next five years. As part of that effort, mobile technology and social networks will be used to identify and help people at risk of harming themselves. “The strategy is targeting its outreach to at-risk populations, including military veterans, drug and alcohol abusers, native Americans, gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender communities and young people in general. A key part of the strategy is to find ways of overcoming the stigma of discussing suicide. New communication platforms can help, according to the report and National Action Alliance participants.”
Legal BriefWorkplace Prof Blog explores a wrongful termination, sex discrimination and violation of First Amendment rights suit: Is being a former lingerie model grounds for dismissal?
Political mattersHR Daily Advisor is doing a series called “Eye on the Election” which are focused on helping employers prepare for post-election changes, no matter who is elected. The first post focuses on Labor Law Under Obama or Romney–Employers Brace for Post-Election Changes and the second post is Obama and Romney Agree, Affirmative Action Needs to Change.
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