GINA roundup – Daniel Schwartz of the Connecticut Employment Law Blog tells us that Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has issued final regulations for the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA), which goes into effect in January 2011. He notes that CT employers should exercise caution because the state has its own regulation. In his second post on GINA, he offers more resources and talks about how employers should engage in “Safe Harbor” provisions. Manpower Employment Blog’s Mark Toth also has GINA in his sights. He offers a helpful summary of GINA regulations, along with a handy GINA Cheat Sheet.
The Facebook filing buzz – Is criticizing your boss on Facebook protected activity? Several law blogs are weighing in on the matter about this important case that is scheduled to be heard in January and is expected to have implications for the future direction of corporate social media policies. Chris McKinney of HR Laywer’s Blog looks at the upcoming case filed under the National Labor Relations Act alleging that an employee was illegally terminated for badmouthing her supervisor on Facebook. In Minding the Workplace, David Yamada looks at how the NLRB’s Facebook firing complaint might relate to the struggle against workplace bullying. And John Hyman of Ohio Employer’s Law Blog offers a huge and helpful roundup of links to legal opinions, blog posts and news articles on the Facebook firing.
Google’s misplaced incentive? – Back in 2007, we posted about Google as being one of the best places to work. In 2010, the challenges are very different. Competition from emerging tech giants and a difficult economy have posed new challenges. Last week, the tech behemoth announced that it would give a 10% raise to all 23,000 employees in an effort to lift staff morale and to retain talent. Sounds great? Evil HR Lady Suzanne Lucas doesn’t think so. She explans why the move may send a wrong signal, one that says we don’t care about our employees.
Straight talk from the judgeHR Daily Advisor offers a pair of posts with advice from the bench. Denny Chin, former U.S. District Court Judge, now Court of Appeals judge talks about exposure you may have even when you feel certain the law is on your side. In a follow-on post, he offers HR managers tips for staying out of his court.
Union update – Micahel Vandervort of The Human Race Horses offers a guide to the changing face of leadership in organized labor. One significant change: many of the top new labor union leaders are women.
Dos and don’ts of firing – Susan M. Heathfield of’s Human Resources Blog talks about firing employees with civility, including her list of the top 10 don’ts.


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