Bereavement leave and family matters – Kudos to Texas Lawyer Michael P. Maslanka, who has penned a great bereavement leave policy for the 21st century. Simple and flexible, it reflects the changing view of “family” and gets our vote. And speaking of changes in the concept of family, Diane Pfadenhauer of Strategic HR Lawyer notes that the DOL is offering an expanded definition of son or daughter under FMLA.
Obligation to nursing momsWorkplace Prof Blog offers a reminder that the healthcare reform law includes a provision that employers must provide lactation breaks and space for nursing mothers and provides a link to a Department of Labor publication which explains the obligation: Fact Sheet #73: Break Time for Nursing Mothers under the FLSA.
Unleashing creativity – Looking for fresh ideas to unleash worker creativity? How about sitting int he CEO’s office? Every summer, PR firm Conover Tuttle Pace holds a summer-long office swap – a fun idea that shakes things up and fosters more inder-departmental interaction. Leadership coach Mary Ellen Slayter might call this “getting out of your comfort zone,” rule number one in her tips for unleashing your creativity.
A brave face – We’ve witnessed it time and again – the human spirit’s incredible resilience in the face of overwhelming odds and the ability to survive and thrive after terrible catastrophe. In just such a vein, we were moved the story of Chrissy, gunshot wound survivor who recently got a new face, thanks to the miraculous and creative work of dedicated health professionals.
How to fight – In any organization, it’s inevitable that there will be disagreements. Becoming a skilled fighter can take practice. At Harvard Business Review blogs, Robert Sutton offers tips for ensuring that dissension is handled productively in his post It’s Up to You to Start a Good Fight.
Taking the pulse – What are your HR peers doing when it comes to issues like telecommuting, flextime and casual dress? BLR offers results from their survey of compensation and benefits professionals.
OSHA on safety programs – Does your company have a safety incentive program? If so, be aware that OSHA is scrutinizing safety incentive programs. They are looking for promotions that might discourage workers from reporting injuries. It might be a good time to review your policy. And speaking of OSHA, SafetyNewsAlert offers offers 10 dos and don’ts for OSHA inspections from 2 OSHA inspectors.
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