Recruitment: the good, the bad, and the ugly – What do Google, Starbucks, MGM Grand, and the U.S. Army have in common? Apparently, they all have refined the art of recruitment. HR Blog points us to an article by Dr. John Sullivan discussing the 12 best recruitment practices to copy. And Workplace Prof Blog points us to an article in the Wall St. Journal’s Career Journal that discusses the antithesis of best practices: A Rude Selection Process Can Mirror Working Conditions
Family-friendly workplacesWorking Mother names the 100 best companies to work for, and discusses the practices that earned them a place on the list – well worth a read. Thanks to Chris Mckinney at The HR Lawyer’s Blog for the pointer.
Grief in the workplace – Our sincere condolences to Brent Hundberger and his co-workers on the recent untimely death of a colleague. We often spend as much time with our work colleagues as we do with our families so a loss can be a painful and traumatic event. We’ve found a couple of articles that offer some words of advice for handling grief in the workplace: Coping with the Death of a Coworker and When a Co-worker Dies (PDF).
Preventing harassment – George Kittredge at Labor and Employment Law Blog reminds us that “… it generally is necessary and good business practice for employers to establish, publicize and enforce anti-harassment policies and complaint procedures. As the Supreme Court stated, “Title VII is designed to encourage the creation of anti-harassment policies and effective grievance mechanisms.” He offers Six Elements Of An Anti-Harassment Policy.
Speaking of harassment – be sure to tell your managers that strip searches are against company policy – In our “what were they thinking” story of the week, we have a lawsuit dealing with restaurant managers who face criminal charges for conducting strip searches of a fellow employee. Apparently, dozens of fast-food managers throughout the country have been the victim of a bizarre hoax. Callers posing as police name an employee who is supposedly involved in a crime such as theft or drug possession. The caller directs the manager to detain that employee, and subsequently orders the manager to conduct a progressively invasive strip search of the alleged criminal. If you think this all sounds too bizarre to be true, you are sadly mistaken – just conduct a simple Google search to learn how many people have been taken in by this, and the headaches that it causes for employers … to say nothing of the hapless victims who are subject to shocking humiliation and degradation.
Trend watch: medical tourism – The folks at Workers Comp Insider discuss the growth of medical tourism as more and more people travel to India, Malaysia, Thailand, and other countries to have surgery performed at a fraction of what such surgeries would cost here in the U.S. At least one cost-conscious employer tried to get an employee to travel abroad for an expensive procedure, raising the ire of the employee’s union, which put a halt to the plans. Workers Comp Insider wonders if we will see more employers seeking to “offshore” expensive medical procedures.
On the lighter side… The Human Capitalist points us to an engaging little musical video clip that demonstrates synchronizing talent and performance management raised to an art form.


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