Our HR Web Cafe  News Roundup features a compilation of curated links useful to managers and HR practitioners. The current edition features items on what’s keeping HR Pros up at night (Covid–19-style), vaccine mandates and guidance on religious accommodation, how employers need to prepare for legalized cannabis, and much more. We conclude with a few lighter items just for fun!

10 Things That Keep HR Pros Awake at Night (COVID-19 Edition)

HR pros wear many hats. Since March 2020, they have been at the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to their many other tasks, they have needed to coordinate furloughs and layoffs, stay up to date with the latest health guidance, understand and implement coronavirus-related federal and state laws and regulations, introduce COVID-19 screening and workplace policies and procedures, and develop vaccination and other safety procedures. They are also the sounding board for questions and complaints. and there were lots of each over the last year or so.


JD Supra: EEOC Issues Additional Guidance on Religious Objections to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

On October 25, the EEOC issued updated and expanded guidance regarding the obligations of employers under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”) when an employee presents with a religious objection to a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy. The guidance builds upon prior EEOC guidance regarding COVID-19 vaccinations in the employment context.



Why Performance Reviews Don’t Work

In this article, we’ll examine the reasons they so often fail. And we’ll outline some practical steps you can take to offer feedback to your team that actually helps them grow and improve.


Get Ready Workers’ Comp, Cannabis Legalization Is Coming. What Employers Can Do to Prepare

With legalization becoming ever-more popular, many employers are concerned about the workforce safety implications of the drug and how it will affect workers’ compensation treatment options.
… “There are legitimate concerns for employers and insurers, with the idea of legalizing marijuana,” Stevens McElrath said. In the wake of laws banning pre-employment drug testing, Stevens McElrath offered a few simple tips, with regards to testing and keeping your workforce safe.

Leaders: Clarify your ideas before communicating them

Every week, you communicate a variety of messages to your bosses, employees and customers. Many of your ideas are aimed at creating a better future — that’s what leaders do! But will your ideas work? Will they be understood and acted on? You’ve likely witnessed or lived through change initiatives that don’t achieve the desired results. Why is that? In some cases, the leader’s ideas weren’t fully vetted. In other situations, the poor results were due to ineffective communications. The following three steps will help you achieve better results.

Recruitment Skills Training: Educate Hiring Managers on These 5 Topics

Hiring managers need more than just interview skills training. Don’t get me wrong. I believe interviewing is hard and complicated and managers definitely need training in this area. But they also need to know more about the overall recruitment process. Managers need recruitment skills training.
So, here’s a list of five things that hiring managers should know when they are responsible for hiring. These recruitment skills topics could be shared during one-on-one sessions or added to the company’s existing interviewing skills training program.


The aching blue: Trauma, stress and invisible wounds of those in law enforcement

Steve’s stories echo those I have heard from other law enforcement officers, emergency medical staff, and firefighters. They are regularly exposed to serious injury, death, immediate threat to themselves, their colleagues and civilians, and very stressful decision-making situations. While people may have heard more about trauma in veterans, they may be less aware of first responder trauma. Others might think post-traumatic stress disorder happens only to those who were directly traumatized.

However, PTSD also happens in those who witness trauma: exposure to violent crimes or serious accidents, or their aftermath. These events deeply affect the day-to-day lives of first responders, including the police. In one study published in 2013, about 80% of officers reported seeing dead bodies or severely assaulted victims in the past year.

Health Workers Once Saluted as Heroes Now Get Threats

More than a year after U.S. health care workers on the front lines against COVID-19 were saluted as heroes with nightly clapping from windows and balconies, some are being issued panic buttons in case of assault and ditching their scrubs before going out in public for fear of harassment. Across the country, doctors and nurses are dealing with hostility, threats and violence from patients angry over safety rules designed to keep the scourge from spreading.

The Cost of Sexual Harassment in Academic Medicine is High. How Can Risk Managers Step in, Save Lives and Reputations?

Sexual harassment in health care and academic health care is a significant issue.
A global study found the prevalence of sexual harassment against female nurses was 43%. Another survey of the University of Michigan Medical School faculty found 82% of women and 65% of men had experienced at least one incident of sexual harassment in the last year.
A survey of general surgery students found 70% of female respondents — and 49% of respondents overall — reported at least one incident of sexual harassment during their schooling.

Reminder: ESI EAP offers training courses on preventing harassment and discrimination in our member portal under the Training Center.

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HR Web Cafe News Quick Takes

From the Lighter Side of HR Web Cafe News …

Today, most news about workers focuses on those who aren’t returning to work for one reason or another, but here’s a twist. We enjoyed this article about the oldest living park ranger  at 100 years old! She became a ranger at the age of 85 to tell her story of segregation. And apparently the work ethic is strong in these centenarians – check out this Maine lobster woman!

Teachers are generally amazing humans and go above and beyond to help students learn. But how many teachers are willing to go to this length?

OK, this is too real.

Finally, in the spirit of Halloween, here’s a last minute idea to take your pumpkins to the next level. And if you want to dispose of any giant pumpkins, check in with your local zoo or animal shelter. Watch this footage of the Oregon Zoo’s 23rd annual Squishing of the Squash. And for a bonus, see a 20-minute compilation of zoo animals from across the globe enjoying Halloween in past years.


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