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Recommendations for Uber Are Roadmap for All?
Daniel Schwartz, Connecticut Employment Law Blog

If you had a million dollars (or more) to investigate your culture, what would you find out? …Well, Uber engaged a lawfirm, Covington & Burling, and the former Attorney General Eric Holder to do just that — interviews with over 200 people, reviews of over 3 million documents — and discovered a lot. It isn’t pretty.
Thankfully, the firm released its recommendations for all the world to see. In doing so, the report actually can serve as a bit of a road map of what to do at your company if you have some similar issues. All for free.

How to Handle Underperformers on a Team You Inherit
Ron Ashkenas, Harvard Business Review

Recently I was talking with a new manager about the team she had inherited. While she thought that most of the team members were doing a good job, she was concerned that one or two people were not pulling their weight. She wasn’t sure what to do about them. She was worried that if she fired these people, or even put them on notice, it would sink morale and others would worry about losing their jobs, too. She also didn’t want to come across as mean and insensitive so early on, because she wanted her team to like her. But she knew that if she didn’t do something, the team might not hit its goals.

More than 40 percent of companies now offer a ‘summer Friday’ perk
Jena McGregor, Washington Post

The percentage of companies that offer some kind of “summer Friday” arrangement — in which companies officially permit workers, almost entirely office ones, to leave early on Friday afternoons in the summer — is on the rise. According to a new survey of Fortune 1000 companies by CEB, the Arlington, Va.-based research and consulting firm, 42 percent of companies now officially sanction starting the weekend early, a doubling of the percentage who offered the benefit in 2015, when 21 percent of companies said they did so.

3 Trends That Will Disrupt Your Workplace Forever
Andrew Dugan and Bailey Nelson, Gallup

Highlights: Many millennials don’t stay with their company for the long term; The AI revolution is here, and leaders are unprepared for it; Amid many changes, workplace planning and forecasting are increasingly vital

Onboarding: Your Connection Between Recruiting and Learning
Sharlyn Lauby, HR Bartender

When it comes to onboarding, I’m starting to hear more about a format called talent center. The idea is that talent centers are dashboards where employees, managers, recruiting, and training can monitor and measure onboarding progress. Within the talent center are resources and checklists that new hires and managers can use during the onboarding process.

How to make your employees care about cybersecurity: 10 tips
Alison DeNisco, Tech Republic

People are the largest security vulnerability in any organization. Here’s some expert advice on how to make cybersecurity training more effective and protect your business.

The best productivity system for procrastinators
Belle Beth Cooper, Quartz

In an age where an overloaded schedule is a badge of honor, there’s no shortage of time-management apps and systems for the ambitious worker. But the classic Pomodoro Technique remains one of the most popular productivity options—and for good reason.

Creatively Building Wellness
Roberto Ceniceros, Risk & Insurance

Richard Graham has a front row seat for viewing how work roles can influence employee health, even contributing to differences in physiques after years of performing certain jobs.
Given his vantage point, the director of workers’ compensation for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority is a believer in the wellness services SEPTA offers in an attempt to help its nearly 10,000 employees improve their health.
The wellness efforts provide an example of the creativity employers must reach for when other exposure mitigation strategies reveal their limits.

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