In our latest HR News Roundup, we feature items on toxic bosses, sexual harassment, improving engagement and more news you can use. We also offer items from the lighter side about fun-loving educators.

Does having a bad boss make you more likely to be one yourself?
Harvard Business Review, Shannon G. Taylor, Robert Folger, Abhijeet K. Vadera, Matthew D. Griffith, Chaim R. Letwin

Toxic bosses harm employees in countless ways — for instance, by lowering morale, diminishing well-being, and increasing work-family conflict. Estimates suggest abusive supervision costs organizations millions in lost productivity, employee turnover, and litigation each year. Although prior research has found that leader behaviors can “trickle down” to affect the actions of employees at lower organizational levels, surely not all abused supervisors abuse their own subordinates. So when do supervisors perpetuate abuse in organizations, when don’t they, and why?

Key Elements of Complying With State Sexual Harassment Prevention Requirements
Workforce, Tammy Tyler

More than 30 jurisdictions have introduced more than 100 pieces of legislation in 2018 toward sexual harassment prevention. A legal expert shares key principles of much of the anti-sexual harassment legislation introduced this year, including where there to find guidance or model materials that employers can access.

10 Insights About Workplace Engagement
HR Daily Advisor, David Mizne

A workplace that supports employee engagement is a healthy, positive one. Unfortunately, it seems such working environments are uncommon. Surveys indicate that approximately 87% of workers throughout the globe are not engaged with their jobs.
This is a problem for businesses. High employee engagement is associated with greater productivity, employee retention, and more.
That’s why it pays to investigate the issue further. The following insights will help you understand why engagement levels remain low. They’ll also give you an idea of how to boost them in your organization.

6 crisis communication resolutions everyone should make this year
Ragan, Adam Fisher

For many, some New Year’s resolutions will already be in tatters. Some huge brands—including Facebook, Marriott Hotels, Pret A Manger and Starbucks—faced crises in 2018. Other companies (yours, maybe?) will find themselves in the spotlight’s glare when things go wrong. With that in mind, here are six crisis management resolutions for 2019:

I’ve Interviewed 300 High Achievers About Their Morning Routines. Here’s What I’ve Learned.
New York Times, Benjamin Spall

Over the past five years I’ve interviewed more than 300 successful people about their morning routines. Through talking with business leaders and university presidents to Olympians, fashion models and artists, I’ve learned that while there isn’t one “best” morning routine that works for everyone, there are best practices that some of the most successful people I spoke with follow every day.
Here are some of the most common morning routines I’ve found among successful people.

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From the lighter side…

We always love stories of people who enjoy their work and know how to make it fun. Take Swartz Creek Superintendent Ben Minka and Principal Jim Kitchen enjoying their school snow day announcement

And then there’s the singing principal Chad Caddell of Union Pointe Academy who gets silly with it.

It looks like Durham Head of School Michael Ulku-Steiner and Assistant Head of School/Upper School Director Lee Hark might have started this craze in 2014.


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