This issue of  our HR News Roundup covers post-pandemic hybrid work models, interviewing questions, resolving conflicts, being funny at work and much more. Don’t miss our items from the lighter side.

What to Consider When Moving to a Hybrid Work Model
Roy Maurer, SHRM

Most executives and employees surveyed by global consulting firm PwC expect the hybrid workplace to begin taking shape in the second quarter of 2021, dependent on the distribution of the coronavirus vaccines. In the short term, employees will rotate between working from home and in the office, but the longer view is still undetermined, said Deniz Caglar, principal, organization and workforce strategy, at PwC.

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How Smart Interviewers Approach Each Stage of the Hiring Process
Jeff Haden, INC

Here are some of the more common job interview questions broken down into stages: phone (initial) screen, interview with the “hiring manager” (as the business owner, that’s you), and interviews with team members.

How to Be Funny at Work
Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas, Harvard Business Review

Research shows that leaders with any sense of humor are seen as 27% more motivating and admired than those who don’t joke around. Their employees are 15% more engaged, and their teams are more than twice as likely to solve a creativity challenge — all of which can translate into improved performance. Studies even show that something as simple as adding a lighthearted line at the end of a sales pitch — like “My final offer is X and I’ll throw in my pet frog” — can increase customers’ willingness to pay by 18%. A bad dad joke can literally help you get paid.

How negotiation skills help leaders defuse work conflicts
Mary Olson-Menzel, Mel Shahbazian – Ragan

A good compromise means that everyone gets a little something, but no one is completely satisfied. Getting a clean resolution requires careful listening and plenty of tenacity.

Remote Work Before, During, and After the Pandemic
Patrick Coate, NCCI

The pandemic supercharged remote work. Suddenly, everything that could be done remotely was. We will review statistics on remote work at the height of the pandemic, take stock of the current state of remote work, and discuss potential directions for remote working and implications for workers compensation. The disruption to work arrangements caused by the pandemic is expected to lead to a permanently higher level of remote work for well-suited occupations.

How to Be a Supportive Leader During Challenging Times
Rhett Power, CEO World

As a business leader, that means you’re still operating under crisis conditions. As with any crisis, employees are seeking more than business acumen from executives; they’re looking for humanity and leadership, and you need to step up and deliver.

Chart listing ESI EAP benefits and results

HR News Quick Takes

HR News from the Lighter side

Buzzwords: People love to mock the business world for the jargony cliches it uses to communicate. Ragan takes  a deep dive into internal business jargon that change agents and communicators should not run up the flagpole in 2021. A new Verizon survey lists the most grating, frustrating phrases to excise from your prose in the new year. Business buzzwords to avoid in 2021.

Armchair travel: It’s the middle of winter, we’re in a pandemic and we all have cabin fever. Here are a few ideas for armchair travel to tide you over:

  • City Guesser – select a location, explore locations via short clips and see if you can guess where you are.
  • Radio Garden uses a Google Map type interface allowing you to search the world for active radio stations and tune in.
  • Fifty The Atlantic offers beautiful photo galleries from every state in the U.S.
  • 20 Amazing Places You Can Visit Without Leaving Home – TravelZoo offers some amazing virtual tours you can take online.

Being big believers in wellness, we think cardio is very important and apparently, it’s not just for humans. this good dog wants to get the benefits too. (Twitter)

Working remotely just took on more flexibility for those who want more protection than just a mask – consider a portable personal protective pod.


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