We’re cleaning out our bookmark file. Here’s a smorgasbord of Human Resources-related articles and tips that we enjoyed and we think you will too!

Why Firms Should Care About the Plight of Un-Free Agents – “For many temps and contractors, contingent work is a last resort rather than a first choice. As a result, they probably enter into work assignments with an engagement deficit.”

How to Hire Backwards with Boomerang Employees – “A couple decades ago if an employee voluntarily resigned and left the company they would seldom be given an opportunity to rejoin the organization. They would be considered disloyal by many members of management. Many job counselors would often recommend against rejoining because of the possibility of being the first to be let go in times of cut backs. But today companies have realized that boomerang employees are a good bet.”

Tightrope: Looking for gratitude in all the wrong places – a reader asks, “I do all kinds of wonderful things for my employees, but I don’t think they appreciate my generosity. In addition to decent pay, I give holiday gift baskets, I often take them to dinner and I always buy meals when we work late. These perks cost money. Is it asking too much to expect them to show me that they appreciate my efforts?”

Put the Carrots Away – What really motivates people at work.

Let Your Employees Know It’s OK to Leave – “Want to grow your business? Map out as clear-cut a strategy for employee exits as employee hires. Here’s how.”

Mentally Ill Often Targets of Violence – “This meta-analysis of 21 studies found an increased prevalence of violence against adults with disabilities, particularly against those with mental illness.”

Onsite Health Center Survey 2012 Report – Towers Watson’s 2012 survey of employers that have established or are planning to establish onsite health centers provides up-to-the-minute insights on how these centers are perceived and used.

The Worst Types of Resistance to Change That Get in the Way of HR Efforts (and What To Do About Them) – “HR leaders are often responsible for perhaps the single most important component for orchestrating organizational change: overcoming resistance to change.”

Employers save big on wellness programs – “Employers betting on wellness programs seem to be making the right call. They’re seeing $1 to $3 decreases in their overall health care costs for every dollar spent, finds a report from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.”

Nurse staffing, burnout linked to hospital infections – “Nurse burnout leads to higher healthcare-associated infection rates (HAIs) and costs hospitals millions of additional dollars annually, according to a study published in the August issue of the American Journal of Infection Control, the official publication of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC).”

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