ESI EAP has revamped and redesigned one of our most popular employee benefits, the EAP Self-Help Resource Center. This is an online benefit available to EAP employees and their eligible family members.  This center has a fresh new look with substantive content changes that go much deeper than just a fresh coat of paint. They include:

  • Easier, more intuitive navigation, with a content tree in the footer of every page and strengthened search capabilities.
  • Frequently updated content, including videos, articles, and tools, plus new legal articles from NOLO and health resources from Krames Staywell.
  • New Learning Centers, including micro-learning Training Bites.  These curated collections deliver content on the most popular topics on the site in various interactive formats.
  • More user controls, with accessibility tools, user ratings, saved favorites, user histories, and more.

The EAP Self-Help Resource Center allows members to explore a vast array of tools on such issues and topics as: Personal Finance & Budgeting; Parenting & Relationships; Physical Health & Wellness; Legal Issues; Loss and Grief, Stress; Anger, Anxiety & Depression; Elder Care & Child Care ; and Training & Development. The revamped site also covers new topics such as Digital Wellness; College Life; and Disaster Prep and Response.

The easily searchable content encompasses thousands of problem-solving resources in various formats, from assessments, trainings, videos, webinars, articles, calculators, templates, recipes, and other tools. Content is updated frequently.

Some of the EAP Self-Help Resources include:

Connections/Work-Life – Caregiver and elder care support, disability support, family life, interpersonal relationships, and more, including child and elder care locators, with access to providers searchable by location.

Lifestyle Savings Benefit – Thousands of substantial discounts, rewards, and perks on brand-name goods and services.

Training Center – Thousands of personal and professional development trainings in a variety of user-friendly formats and new Learning Centers, encompassing curated collections of resources and Training Bites, interactive multimedia micro-learning on wide variety of timely topics.

Emotional Wellbeing – Screenings for depression, anxiety, drug abuse and more, along with information and solutions on mental health issues and topics.

Wellness Center & Physical Health – Information on health conditions and illnesses, plus mental and physical health assessments and tools on dieting, nutrition, stress, smoking, and physical fitness. This includes comprehensive new content from Krames Staywell.

Personal Finance & Education – Financial calculators, and information on budgeting, investing, debt management, and more.

Legal – Will templates, forms, contracts, and information from NOLO on consumer rights, landlord-tenant issues, real estate, family law, and more.

Supervisor Center – A compilation of resources on compliance matters, workforce management, and HR-related issues for managers and supervisors.

If you are an employee member of ESI EAP, you can access the Self-Help Resource Center by logging in here.




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