Most of us can think back on one or more awesome teachers who inspired us when we were young. There’s an inspirational viral video making the rounds about 5th grade teacher Barry White Jr. who will no doubt live in the memory of all his students, too. He greets his Charlotte, NC students each day with a personalized handshake, an idea he got from watching how basketball star LeBron James interacts with his team mates. He wants to inspire and motivate his students, build trust, and foster meaningful relationships.

You can find a few clips showing the handshake in the article linked above, and here’s a news clip.

Sometimes watching an inspiring story on YouTube is like eating peanuts – it’s hard to stop after just one. We found a few other amazing teacher stories from the Ellen Show – Ellen loves teachers and frequently recognizes them for what they do to inspire students.

We love teachers too – but you don’t have to be a teacher to inspire and connect with others in meaningful ways and change lives – HR people are in a great position to do this too!


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