Model job of the week – literally!
Are you a slob? Congrats, you’re more productive – a new book is touting the benefits of messiness, claiming that “neatness is overrated, costs money, wastes time and quashes creativity.” But the jury is out as to whether messiness hinders or helps your career. While one study says that messy-desk people tend to have higher salaries than neatniks, other experts caution that messiness might affect your upward mobility.
Here’s a group of dentists that understand the benefit of having fun on the job. Funmeister Bernie DeKoven would approve – he’s a big proponent of the benefit of fun and creative play at work. His site is a treasure trove for creative fun and games well worth exploring – there’s a lot there about fun both on and off the job – be sure to see his work archives.
Office pranks and hi-jinks are another matter. Here are some creative things to do when your colleague is away. Or here’s a before and after case study. Sometimes these plots can be quite elaborate (PDF).
And speaking of fun, here’s a desk toy designed to defuse frustration with the boss – who knows, it might prevent a needless office outburst. (video clip)


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