We’ve been saving up a few items from the lighter side for a Friday, and what better Friday than Halloween?
Looking for ways to inspire your work force? Here’s a bit of a cynical twist on those ubiquitous motivational posters.
Communicate effectively. It’s not only important to communicate clearly but also to ensure that the message is actually heard. Otherwise, work projects can run amuck.
Keep day-to-day conflicts down. If you don’t already have one, here’s a good template for an office refrigerator policy. But if conflicts do occur, remember to consult your EAP. This short video clip illustrates the importance of properly mediating work conflicts.
Look for problem-solving employees who will take the initiative when faced with unusual work challenges.
Raises might be difficult to come by this year with the tough economic climate. Maybe in lieu of a raise, you could negotiate with your boss for some office perks to make your day a little easier … such as a new ergonomic work chair.


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