There are two items on corporate-speak that came to our attention this week and we think both are worthy of note. The first is an article by Josh Kovensky on The Most Absurd Job Titles in America. Hint: “Digital Prophet” isn’t even the worst one.
In the intro to his offering of 15 job titles, Kovensky says:

“In a bid to achieve maximal hipness and happiness, companies, particularly in the tech world, have collectively begun to create bizarre new positions or to attach peculiar names to the same old corporate paper-pushing nine-to-fives. A lot of these jobs have a bizarrely spiritual flavor—“evangelists” and “prophets”—while others try and infuse excitement where there is none—“Jedis” and “heroes.” Much of this might be a way of skirting around the grim reality that life in a cubicle is neither exciting nor godly, or that work on the retail line often lacks excitement and moral stakes.”

The next item is a musical entry. “Weird Al” Yankovic’s new album features Mission Statement — an anthem for our times that shows Al is quite conversant in the latest corporate lingo.


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