There may be those among us who can sympathize with this HR director who is attempting to stage a politically correct holiday Party. Celebrating the holidays at work can be tricky. Last year, the Guardian conducted a “Campaign for a Real Office Christmas (CROC)” and invited readers to submit photos from their office celebrations – the results were amusing. They also offered some cut out and keep holiday decorations for your cubicle. And speaking of decorating cubicles, do you encourage creativity from your employees?
Home or office, some people really go all out when it comes to decorating (sound alert). If you’re in the mood for decorating on a more modest scale, here’s a tutorial for getting some help: Tree Decorating 101. But if you aren’t into decorating cubicles or trees, you may want to turn your favorite employee or your boss into an elf. As its holiday gift to you, Office max is sponsoring Elf Yourself (warning: sound)
Just remember. Not everyone finds the holidays fun.


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