What’s in a name? – here’s the most interesting new job title we’ve seen in awhile.
Grumpy workers rule! – you may want to think twice about telling people to improve their attitude in your next round of performance reviews. New research show that grumpy workers may be your most creative problem solvers. “It’s the happy, cheerful folks who tend to think things are going well and that there are no problems to be solved, she said. They’re less likely to be pondering potential pitfalls and often don’t see problems until there is a crisis.”
What about grumpy bosses? – This Inteview with an honest boss may shed some light.
Work environments – is your workplace a trifle too stodgy? Are you looking for a bit of an office pick-me-up to create a more stimulating environment for your employees? Here’s an idea from London.
I see London, I see France… Too Much Skin 10 Taboos for Office Attire
Questions of the day – what every worker wants to know. Is it Friday? and is it 5:30?. Bookmark these vital links in case you get confused.


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