Inauguration day is a normally big day for the nation. This year, the historic nature of having the first black president makes it even more significant. Many employers are expecting a slowdown today – HR departments report that many employees are taking the day off entirely to watch events or take part in local events. At the workplace, some employers are making accommodations to allow people to take part. If your work situation allows, you may be able to view all or part of the day’s events online – Lifehacker has compiled a Guide to Catching the Inauguration from Anywhere
But for those of us who won’t be able to watch things live, here are a few good sources of information to be able to enjoy the day’s events after the fact:
Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies
The New York Times features Picturing the Inauguration: The Readers’ Album – an changing gallery of photos submitted by readers, or you can view photos and short video clips from Flickr’s Inauguration pool
YouTube’s Change.Gov will feature selected clips.
Viewer’s Guide to the Inauguration
The Inauguration page from MSNBC
Inauguration Report is a Twitter feed that focuses on citizen-generated content. As might be expected, this can vary in quality, content, and language, so be aware.
Inauguration Day Events – fascinating historic overview of the day’s ceremonies and traditions
Slideshow – Presidential Inauguration Through the Years
Inauguration History


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