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In year two of the pandemic, many people who call our EAP say they are  struggling with financial stress and debt. Work absence, reduced work hours, medical bills, and job loss all are taking a toll. While the vaccine offers the potential for gradually working our way back to normalcy, many will still be belt-tightening until we are out of the woods. For ESI EAP employee members, we have several benefits and money tools to help you and your family address the economic challenges in the new year.

Certified Financial Coaching

How much would you pay to get one-on-one financial coaching? With ESI EAP, it is just another benefit available to you and your family. Our Certified Financial Coaching helps you with budgeting, credit, debt and money management issues. Because our Coaches are also Counselors, they can also help with stress, family problems and mental/emotional issues that often accompany financial problems. The Certified Financial Coaching benefit has three core components: telephonic Financial Coaching provided by certified professionals, Financial Assessments and Financial Education. The Financial Education component includes more than 200 Personal Finance and Investing courses available online 24/7.

Login at www.theEAP to learn more about Financial Coaching and other Coaching benefits.

 Lifestyle Savings Benefit

Make your money go further with thousands of specially negotiated deals, discounts, and perks from your favorite national brands. Here are just a few of the many areas where you can find savings:  Health and Wellness Ÿ Auto Ÿ Electronics Ÿ Apparel Ÿ Restaurants Ÿ Entertainment & Tickets Ÿ Beauty and Spa Ÿ Flowers & Gifts Ÿ Insurance & Protection Ÿ Sports & Fitness Ÿ Food Ÿ and many more!

To explore this great benefit, Login at www.theEAP.com/ and click on  Lifestyle Savings Benefit.

COVID-19 Resource Center – Financial Help

In addition to our ongoing resources available in Tools for Tough Times, we also have a dedicated Covid-19 Resource Center with a variety of tools and articles to help you get through the pandemic. One popular feature is a module on Financial Stress & Stability during the pandemic. It includes articles with practical tips and advice – here’s a sampling of popular articles: Financial Stability and Employment Support Ÿ Finding Help in Managing Debt Ÿ Losing a Job: 10 Things to Make it Less Painful Ÿ Emergency Savings Calculator Ÿ  COVID-19: Disaster-Proof Your Finances Ÿ Dealing with Loans and Credit Card Debt You Can’t Pay After COVID-19

To explore these resources, logon to www.theEAP.com and click on  Covid-19 Resource Center.

Personal Finance & Education Center

In your ESI EAP self-help Personal Finance & Education Center , explore thousands of finance-related resources  on banking & credit, insurance, investing, budgeting, taxes, retirement planning, and home and auto buying. Complete a short 10-minute checkup to receive your Financial Fitness SCORE, test various financial scenarios using dozens of financial calculators, and take more than 200 short, interactive tutorials to help you get instant, unbiased answers to all your common questions about money!

To explore these resources, logon to www.theEAP.com and click on  Personal Finance & Education Center

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