“Imagine waking up every morning totally energized about your job, your coworkers, and the chance to go in and make a difference. THAT is Happiness at Work and every single one of us can have it.”

So says author Alexander Kjerulf who bills himself as The Chief Happiness Officer at a blog by the same name. What a cool title and what a delightful way that would be to re-frame the role of human resources.

We found Alexander’s blog from 10 seeeeeriously cool places to work, a fun post that discusses the relationship of physical space to productivity and attitude. Check out the impressive collection of photos of highly innovative and creative work spaces that he’s gathered – your cubicle farm will never look the same. And don’t miss the newest radically cool workspace he later found: Inventionland Motor Speedway.

If your budget doesn’t afford you the ability to rebuild your organization’s physical plant, don’t despair. Kjerulf’s blog also has some good words of advice on ways you can enhance the overall climate, culture, and energy of your workplace. After all, a good part of style is simply in the attitude—so if you can’t work in a tomorrow-land space, you might be able to create a very cool and engaging environment through your culture.

Poke around a bit on Kjerulf’s site, there are many fun and thoughtful posts. Here are a few we enjoyed:


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