Business Week unveils a new double issue, one that was created in collaboration with readers using online surveys and blogs through its own site, through LinkedIn, and in a poll conducted with YouGov and the Washington firm RT Strategies. Through more than 8,500 votes and 5,000 comments, readers identified their top concerns at work and offered their thoughts on how they address these problems. Editors note that this “reader-generated” approach was markedly different than the normal reporting where they might have contacted consultants to learn about emerging trends.
We’ve listed the 6 issues that readers identified below. Each identified problem has a mini sub-site with videos, articles, and an associated blog. You can access content through the index Trouble at the Office, or search any of the top problem areas that were identified:
Work-life balance – how to manage workplace balance without going crazy.
Staying entrepreneurial – sparking innovation and fostering creativity.
Time management – tips for making every hour count.
Negotiating the bureaucracy – breaking out of the box.
Generational tensions – generational collisions in the workplace.
Toxic bosses – or “how to live with the s.o.b.”


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