We run into a fair number of folks who are living in the 1970s in terms of their perceptions of what an EAP is – a surprising number of otherwise savvy employers still think of EAPs as little more than substance-abuse referral programs. While it’s true that most EAPs still offer traditional counseling and substance programs, today’s top-tier EAPs are also about productivity, wellness, work-life balance, and myriad other issues that confront the modern work force. Take some of the realities of the day – when a financial crunch, a traumatic event or simply the day-to-day stress of family matters impinge on your employees, life can be tough for them and also for you as their employer. A good EAP is there not just for the big events and traumas but also to provide helps with managing the quiet crises and challenges of everyday life. And services shouldn’t simply be all about problems, but also about life enhancement – things like wellness and nutrition, financial planning, and personal and professional development.
If it’s been years since you’ve taken a second look at EAPs and how they can improve life for both you and your employees, it might be worth a few minutes of your time. This blog’s sponsor, ESI Employee Assistance Group, has just had a web site face lift – it’s brighter, better organized, and has more content. The site offers a good sampling of the extensive benefits and services that today’s premier EAP can offer to employees and employers, alike. If your organization doesn’t have an EAP or if you’re still driving an ’70s model, it might be worth a look – the Employer Brochure(PDF) offers a good overview.


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