The first day on the job is important. Review your employee onboarding process to ensure you set the stage for engagement. Here’s an infographic to help.

We think employee onboarding the right way is pretty important. See our post: Onboarding is the first step in employee engagement, where we talk about how you only get one chance to make a first impression. We also discuss how putting effort into onboarding helps to set the stage for meaningful engagement going forward. The post offers a variety of employee onboarding tools and best practices. And don’t forget about the role that training plays in your employee onboarding and engagement efforts: See our post For better engagement, train and coach your managers. (If you are an ESI EAP Member, be sure to log in to ESI’s Supervisor Center to tap into our Hiring & Onboarding Resource Center).

The folks at HR Morning have created this infographic about how important the first day is when it comes to onboarding – It outlines best practices in 4 areas – what to do to prepare for the new hire before the first day; how to greet the employee and what to do on arrival; how to spend the rest of the day; and how to end the day on a positive note.

HOnboarding infographic


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