There’s a remarkable video lecture that is making the Web circuit right now, singularly one of the most inspiring 75 minute film segments we’ve had the privilege to see. It’s a story of courage, leadership, creativity and grace under pressure. Randy Pausch, handsome, vibrant 46-year old father of three beautiful young children and in the prime of his professional life as Professor of Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction and Design at Carnegie Mellon University, presents his last lecture. His professional career has been full of creative challenge, but today he faces his life’s greatest challenge: He has pancreatic cancer and has been told he has only 2 to 6 months to live.
We recognize that it’s a bit long but we recommend finding the time to view the entire lecture, Achieving your childhood dreams. It is funny, vibrant, inspiring and heartbreaking, all at the same time. One of the enjoyable aspects is not just the story of how he fulfills his own dreams—walking in zero gravity, designing a theme park ride for Disneyland, creating a popular 3-D animation software program—but how he then turned his energies to enabling his students to identify and fulfill their dreams. It’s very motivating and might be just the thing to show at your next leadership training session for managers.


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