Planning a summer vacation this year? According to a recent survey by CareerBuilder, 35 percent of workers aren’t planning to take a vacation this year. About 71% of those who don’t plan to take a vacation say that they can’t afford it, and almost 20% said they feared job loss if they are away, or just felt guilty being away from the office. But too much work without a break is not a good thing – it can lead to burnout and stress. Managers should encourage employees to take that vacation. Suggest long weekends or the increasingly popular staycation – sticking close to home but spending time relaxing with family and taking lower cost field trips. Here are some resources for staycation activities:

Summer work perils
Summer is also a time that many of your employees face different job hazards – particularly if they spend any time working outdoors or in settings where heat can be an issue. Here are resources to ensure your employees stay safe this summer:

Wellness: Eye exams can save money – June 27 to July 5 is Eye Safety Awareness Week and July is Eye Injury Prevention Month. Besides addressing your work exposures, another way to commemorate might be to encourage employees to have their eyes checked. HR World reports on a study showing that regular eye exams can save healthcare dollars because eye exams can often detect chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. Here’s another wellness resource for eye safety: Protecting Your Eyes: At Home, At Work, At Play


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