New! Resolve difficult employment-related disputes – avoid lawsuits!

We have partnered with MWI, a leading mediation and arbitration service, to offer a 15% discount on hourly services to our member organizations.

Employment related disputes can be time consuming, distracting and morale draining. They can also be costly. Preparing for a discrimination case can range from $10,000 to $50,000; defending an employment claim can typically cost $130,000; the average award for an EEOC complaint that went to litigation was $263,945; the average time for a civil suit to go to trial is 2 1/2 years.

Mediation provides employees with an opportunity to put closure on difficult situations with co-workers, supervisors and family members, so that they can get back to work knowing that the issue is resolved. In addition, working with an external MWI mediator provides management with a method to resolve time-consuming disputes without compromising management’s limited time and decision-making authority.

Companies such as Coca Cola, the Bose Corporation, AT&T and the United States Postal Service have turned to MWI resolve workplace and employment disputes. MWI’s Workplace & Employment Panel consists of the most experienced mediators, arbitrators and other dispute resolution professionals from across the nation.

A sampling of the issues that MWI can help you to address include:

Discrimination • Interpersonal Communication Issues • Supervisor / Employee • Disputes between Co-Workers • Management Disputes • Terminations • Intra-Departmental Disputes • Sexual Harassment • Work-Team Conflicts

 Some of the benefits include:
  • Avoiding costly and prolonged litigation
  • Reducing employee turnover and replacement costs
  • Minimizing supervisor time managing disputes

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