As these short clips attest, not just anyone can be a Santa – rigorous training is involved. But even with the best training, things can go unexpectedly wrong at work – from dissatisfied customers to assaultive business partners.
Just like any of us, Santa can find himself the victim of unreasonable work demands. He has to keep track of an elaborate set of international protocols, schedules, and languages – a little known fact is that his travels require numerous wardrobe changes. And he is subject to some unusual risks and health hazards on the job, too.
And as if all that didn’t make his job tough enough, he is also feeling the effects of the bad economy. In a recent letter to his constituents, Santa explains that times are tough all over: the North Pole is melting and Rudolph’s been suspended – he’s thinking he may need to change his trademark greeting from “Ho, ho, ho!” to “Oh, oh, oh!”
And you thought your job was tough! You might want to bake Santa some extra special cookies this year.


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