Are you working today? Independence Day week is a popular vacation week. And many who don’t take the entire week off are taking today off to make a long weekend. But if you are one of the diligent people holding down the fort and keeping the world running smoothly while others enjoy pool parties and barbecues, thank you! We lift our lemonade to you!
In honor of this week’s patriotic celebration, we are offering a just-for-fun trivia feature that we enjoyed and think you will too: The Summer Jobs of 14 Future Presidents. So as you supervise your summer and first-time workers this year, do a good job — you may be shaping the next president!


And remember – if you do rely on part-time seasonal workers over the summer, it’s critical to provide training. Young and first time workers are green and not yet work hardened – many get injured every year. See our 10 quick tips for keeping teen workers safe.

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