The challenges of military deployment

Serving our nation in a military capacity is one of the most patriotic things a person can do – but it is not without its challenges for the service member and his or her family: Pre-deployment planning, family separation issues, money management, spouse employment, stress, parenting and child care, relocation, reunion and reacclimation and, all too often, grief. Returning service members face the challenge of reintegration in the family, the workplace, the community. Some will face the special challenges of coping with physical or psychological wounds, such as PTSD.

No matter what phase of military service a member is in, TotalCare EAP offers 24/7 help and resources:

  • Confidential services are available with trained counselors by phone, as well as through an extensive network of accredited counselors and professionals in a broad array of disciplines.
  • If a service is needed, we can help find it.
  • Support, counseling and other services are available for family members.
  • Members can also access an extensive array of related tools, articles and informational resources in our online self-help centers.

We also have resources for employers: legal obligations surrounding deployed service members and the hiring of veterans; tools to help retuning service members reintegrate successfully in the work force; and tools for addressing any related challenges that may arise, such as family issues or PTSD.

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