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Reduce your stress

A little bit of stress in our lives is normal and can be a good thing – it keeps us engaged and enables us to meet challenges. But sometimes, life’s challenges can result in ongoing stress which interferes with sleep, work, and general enjoyment of life. When stress continues without relief, it can pose problems in our lives. It can affect you and the people around you and detract from your productivity and peace of mind. It can cause anxiety, worry, mood swings and inability to concentrate.  Left untreated, it can also be very damaging to physical health.  Prolonged stress can cause sleep disruptions, headaches, nausea, and other physical symptoms. Studies show that prolonged stress can also increase your risk of developing diabetes or heart problems.

The reasons for stress can vary, from internal to external factors on the job or at home. Because stressors are different for each of us, different solutions are needed.

  • TotalCare EAP members can call for immediate counseling from a clinical counselor to address the source of stress.
  • If needed, members can be referred to a local clinician for face to face counseling.
  • Members may want to access our stress assessment program to better understand the source of the stress.  Once the root cause is identified, there are a number of resources available to address the source of stress, from family and relationship counseling to wellness programs.
  • Consultation services are also available if the source of the stress is a financial or a legal issue.
  • Members can also access our library of online financial tools and information 24/7.
  • There is also an online library of information concern the sources of stress and solutions.  Should the stress come from a medical issue, there is section of the library dedicated to medical concerns as well as a selection of over 1000 videos.
  • For those suffering from acute stress, we offer a specialized program to address individual needs.