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Public Safety EAP

Public Safety EAP is designed specifically for police, firefighters, correctional officers, emergency medical personnel and other first responders.  In additionto the most comprehensive benefit package available with benefits for both on the job and off, we offer several job-related Resource Centers to address common workplace issues faced by Public Safety personnel and their families.

We start with the full range of ESI TotalCare EAP benefits and services that cover more issues and provide more solutions for employee personal problems. And we go one step further to deliver an array of public safety-specific resources and tools to address the professional issues that public safety workers face.  And we go one step further to deliver an array of Public safety-specific resources and tools.

Our Resource Centers address

  • Challenges of Military Deployment and Homecoming
  • Budget Boosters
  • Mental Health Issues including CISM and PTSD
  • Public Safety Family Matters
  • Social Media for First Responders.

Our benefits are designed to both solve problems and enhance quality of life for both your employees and their family members, too. Our EAP strongly enriches your existing benefit program.

We offer your administrators and supervisors more too. You and your front-line supervisors need the tools and services to help deal with important compliance and liability issues. The 20% of your staff that will experience life problems account for most involuntary terminations. They file more workers’ compensation claims, are absent more often, and incur more disability costs. We have redefined the EAP concept to include an entire menu of administrator-focused solutions to help you minimize costs and maximize productivity. Our EAP provides an important adjunct to your internal Human Resource staff.

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