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Programs to address unacceptable employee performance

The Administrative Referral is a formal process to address unacceptable employee performance and document remedial actions. When a manager is confronted with an employee performance problem, your Human Resources Department can refer the employee to a case manager for counseling. Employers who utilize this program find that most employees can be restored.

Our Administrative Referral Program is a formal process that addresses unacceptable performance and documents corrective action. Our counselors are highly experienced in managing these issues that are too volatile, sensitive, or troubling for your front line supervisors to handle without support. Working collaboratively with your Human Resource Department, EAP counselors are able to resolve most situations.

Our counselors work closely with your HR staff every step of the way until a problem is resolved. In most instances, our intervention results in successfully rehabilitating the employee’s performance. In the rare instances that call for an employee dismissal, both you and your staff can be comfortable that you made every good faith effort on the employee’s behalf, that you documented the process thoroughly and that you complied with all regulatory requirements.