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December 2011 – “Ain’t No Such Thing as an Accydent!”

November 2011 – What Zebras Can Teach Us About Stress

October 2011 – Newsletter-Michael J. Fox

September 2011 – Become the CEO of You, Inc.!

August 2011 – Have a Nice Conflict!

July 2011 – Gas Saving Ideas: Fact vs. Fiction

June 2011 – Facebook at Work: Beware the Dangers

May 2011 – Use Your EAP to Avoid Cyber Nightmares

April 2011 – April is Stress Awareness Month!

March 2011 – Bet You Didn’t Know That …

February 2011 – For Success at Work, Lead with LUV!

January 2011 – A New Year, A Fresh Start!


December 2010 – A Disturbing Workplace Trend

November 2010 – Are You Supplying Drugs to Teens?

October 2010 – Shining Light on a Difficult Subject

September 2010 – Keep Fit and Healthy Using Your EAP Member Discounts!

August 2010 – Introducing Your Personal Assistant!

July 2010 – Childcare/Eldercare Needs: A Growing Challenge for Today’s Workers

June 2010 – Let Your EAP Help You Embrace the “New Frugality”

May 2010 – Time for a Spring Makeover? Your EAP Can Help!

April 2010 – Let Your EAP Keep You Cyber-Safe!

March 2010 – Explore Your EAP Wellness Tools!

February 2010 – We’re Not Your Grandfather’s EAP!

January 2010 – Welcoming the New Year with a Positive Attitude!


December 2009 – Save Money During the Coming Winter Months!

November 2009 – Good News About Winter Energy Costs – Really!

October 2009 – Getting a Grip on the Swine Flu!

September 2009 – Are You Prepared for an Eldercare Challenge?

August 2009 – Challenged by Child Rearing Concerns? Your EAP Can Help!

July 2009 – America’s Secret in Plain Sight

June 2009 – Why We Worry!

May 2009 – The Last Lecture: Lessons Learned Over a Lifetime

April 2009 – BlackBerry or CrackBerry?

March 2009 – We Can All Learn From Sully!

February 2009 – Make Your Hospital Stay A Healthy Experience

January 2009 – A Different Type of Resolution


December 2008 – Happy Holidays Despite Hard Times

November 2008 – “The First Wealth is Health”

October 2008 – Demonstrating Excellence In Your Work

September 2008 – Introducing: Tools for Tough Times

August 2008 – AP-AOL Poll: Debt Hurts Your Body, Too!

July 2008 – Consider a Summer Makeover!

June 2008 – Life’s Toughest Move

May 2008 – America’s Growing Epidemic

April 2008 – Wrong Way to Stretch Our Days

March 2008 – Beware the Deadly Mix

February 2008 – Consider Your EAP for Debt Relief

January 2008 – Some Thoughts As We Enter 2008


December 2007 – Feeling Blue? Try a Shot of Nostalgia

November 2007 – Quickly Treating Employee Depression Helps Workers

October 2007 – Gratitude: The Path to Happiness

September 2007 – Stress Busters: 10 Little Things To Try!

August 2007 – Protect Elderly Relatives From Killer Heat

July 2007 – Take Charge of Your End of Life Decisions

June 2007 – Are You A “Boiling Frog” in Your Workplace?

May 2007 – Are You Caught in the Invisible Trap?

April 2007 – Facing Up To Procrastination

March 2007 – The Secret Men Won’t Admit

February 2007 – The “Hardest Words to Say” Can Build Relationships

January 2007 – A Possible Workplace Resolution for 2007?


December 2006 – Older Workers Are the Nation’s “New Employees”

November 2006 – Keeping the Workplace Well this Winter!

October 2006 – Boomers’ Drug Use Increasing as Teen Rate Lowers!

September 2006 – A Disturbing Trend in Loneliness

August 2006 – Emotional Intelligence

July 2006 – Summer Driving Update

June 2006 – Learn the Facts About Avian Flu

May 2006 – A Poor Score Can Cost You More!

April 2006 – Time Urgency and Impatience

March 2006 – Stress Busters: 20 Little Things You Can Do To Lower Stress Immediately!

February 2006 – Health Study Emphasizes Weight Control

January 2006 – Starting Fresh in 2006!


December 2005 – Making Your Workplace Healthier

November 2005 – November is National Family Caregivers Month

October 2005 – Prepare for Emergencies by Saving Vital Data!

September 2005 – Is Overspending A Problem for You!

August 2005 – 18 Ways to Save Money on Gas

July 2005 – Take Care of Your Cards

Our Clients

The Summit Federal Credit Union

“The Summit Federal Credit Union has worked with ESI since 1984 and I am extremely impressed with the level of support, responsiveness, expertise and overall service provided to the credit union and to our employees. With their guidance and partnership, we have successfully implemented, or plan to implement, solutions that will continue to make a positive impact on our organizational culture. ESI is extremely easy for our employees to work with, too. The staff at ESI is caring and compassionate. They have always handled employee situations on a priority basis and in a highly confidential manner. I am very pleased to be working with ESI. ”

The Summit Federal Credit Union

Central MA Special Education Collaborative

“Since joining ESI in 2009 the Central MA Special Education Collaborative employees have found invaluable resources and training to help deal with work and life challenges. The EAP has helped us establish a successful program allowing our staff to find assistance to both administrative and personal issues. We have been pleasantly surprised to find such prompt response to issues at any time day or night.”

Central MA Special Education Collaborative

Weeks Medical Center

“ESI has been wonderful for me, the management team, and our staff. Their support of the website and the overall benefits available has made this service invaluable. Thank you for all you do.”

Weeks Medical Center

Cattaraugus-Allegany-Erie-Wyoming BOCES

“ESI has always responded to the needs of the Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES in a prompt and professional manner. The employee assistance program has been an asset to our management personnel in dealing with sensitive employee issues that impact work performance. It also has been a vital resource to our employees when they needed a place to turn for assistance with a wide range of personal difficulties.”

Cattaraugus-Allegany-Erie-Wyoming BOCES

Whirley Industries

“At Whirley Industries, we feel that ESI clearly sets the standard for a “business partner.” Our utilization rate for the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is relatively high across all categories of services and we attribute that to the excellent reputation ESI has established with our employees for providing very helpful counseling for marital, financial, legal, substance abuse, and other personal problems. But, ESI is much more than a provider of an EAP. ESI staff members have added their professional expertise, at our work sites, sometimes on night shifts and weekends, to support our drug- and alcohol-free workplace, pre-retirement planning, and safety programs. Our first-line supervisors have found ESI’s on-line educational resources to be very helpful. I think the qualities that most recommend ESI to prospective clients is that their leadership and staff truly care about people and they are really good at what they do. ”

Whirley Industries

EYP Architecture & Engineering, P.C.

“As the Director of Human Resources, I was looking for a comprehensive EAP program to meet our diverse needs. For more than two years now, ESI has exceeded our expectations by providing personalized and effective services.

Our utilization is up over our previous EAP – largely due to the excellent educational programs offered through ESI. Our employees are extremely pleased by the wide range of services offered and feedback continues to be positive. All matters are handled in a capable and confidential manner. I consider ESI to be a true leader in Employee Assistance Programs.”

EYP Architecture & Engineering, P.C.

Academic Travel Abroad, Inc.

“I have been very impressed by the quality and variety of services provided by ESI. They span much more than the traditional counseling services provided by an EAP, and they seem to be adding at least one or two new services each year. Our employees are one call away from an answer to a weight loss question, a pet care issue or a legal concern.”

Academic Travel Abroad, Inc.

Rochester Midland Corporation

“Rochester Midland Corporation has worked with ESI since 2001. We have always received immediate and appropriate response when we have needed their services. Our employees have been impressed with the level of service they receive when they are in need. The ESI Personal Development online training programs are an excellent benefit and are often “required” training for specific subject matter. The website is easy to navigate and full of useful information for both employees and their families.

The counseling staff is knowledgeable and compassionate. They have always handled employee situations in a highly confidential manner. Thank you ESI!”

Rochester Midland Corporation

Freedom Credit Union

Some of the comments heard by employees are: I don’t know what we would have done if we didn’t have them to turn to My daughter is doing so much better at home and at school thanks to the assistance I received from our EAP. They really made me feel comfortable and like I was being heard and, What a wonderful benefit, thank you so much for providing this!” Our employees have had nothing but good things to say about their experiences with ESI.

ESI is always responsive and helpful whether to our employees calls, my requests, or even during robbery response/counseling. In fact we are about to utilize their services for our mandatory on-site Anti-Sexual Harassment Training. Their monthly newsletters are packed with important information relative to their services and serve as a reminder to our employees that ESI is just a phone call away.”

Freedom Credit Union

The Bank of Greene County

“The Bank of Greene County has been using the EAP services of ESI since 2005. We couldn’t be happier. Not only are there services for our employees but also for us, the employer. We have used the Management Academy for our management team training and have used the Administrative Referral program to assist specific employees that we send or refer to the program for assistance in an area that they may be struggling with. Pre-employment screening is also offered at a very reduced price. The EAP has been very well received by our employees – there is the usual assistance with personal matters, family issues including child or elder care, work-related matters handled on a confidential basis and, of course, financial information including debt counseling. This is more than just an EAP. Plus the cost has been kept low and the results are high!! We give them a 5 star rating!!!”

The Bank of Greene County

Harrington Industrial Plastics

“Our utilization speaks for itself – ESI is here to stay. When our renewal comes up, it is simply a benefit our company cannot do away with. The key is in implementation and consistent awareness to our employees. ESI makes this very simple with a smooth and accommodating roll out program, monthly newsletters and innovative new services. Good service is out there but great EAP programs begin with ESI Employee Assistance Group.”

Harrington Industrial Plastics

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