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In over your head with debt?

Money worries are a terrible burden to carry. And debt can creep up on anyone. Even the most financially disciplined people can be sideswiped by the costs of illness, job loss, rising mortgage rates or kids in or approaching college. And here’s the insidious thing about debt: once you find yourself in the hole, it can seem nearly impossible to dig your way out. Debt and money worries can be crippling stressors that qualitatively detract from all other aspects of our lives.

TotalCare EAP offers 24/7 help and resources. Members can call our help line 24/7 to talk over debt and financial problems. A counselor will conduct an assessment and direct employees to the appropriate professional who can help with each unique situation.

  • Talk to a financial counselor or specialist who can assist in creating a debt consolidation program.
  • Get family support counseling and other related services.
  • Members can find an extensive array of problem-solving financial tools, calculators and informational resources in our online self-help centers.
  • We also have a full array of financial tools to help members map out a retirement plan
  • Find resources to help pay for education
  • Access tips and tools on saving money and frugal living.